How should I care for my Race Ramps?

  1. Take care you always follow the weight capacity guidelines. The exact capacity is at the bottom of your ramp. For most Race Ramps there will be a maximum of 1,500 pounds or 700 kilograms per ramp (or per tire).
  2. When using your ramps on a hard surface such as cement or asphalt, make sure the area is clean first. Rocks and debris can cause the ramps to slide and may cause permanent denting or pitting on the underside.
  3. Make sure you center your tires on the ramp and don’t drive past the end. Portions of the ramp may be crushed if you drive over the front or side edges.

(A slight tire impression of up to 1/8” or 3 mm on the surface of the ramp after initital use however is normal. This is caused by the vehicle tire weight settling the inner core of the ramps and does not affect the strength of the ramp.)

  1. Always keep your ramps in temperatures below 150° Fahrenheit or 65° Celsius. Make sure they don’t stay in direct sunlight for an extended period of time or in your trunk on a hot summer day.
  2. Don’t use wood, metal or other materials with our ramps. Contact us if you are having any issues using our ramps or if you have any additional questions. If you take care of your ramps in the right way, you will keep them working for you for decades to come.

More questions about taking care of your ramps? Don’t hesitate to contact us.